How do you charge for your services?

For a single and well defined (You know exactly what you’d like to work on) there is an hourly charge of $150/hr.  This works great for single issue which might include phobias, weight lose, quit smoking , specific ares of body pain, IBS, migraines, etc.

For clients who have multiple issues or are less sure of what they wish to resolve, I offer a comprehensive, longer 1st session, lasting up to 3 hours (as needed) for $350.  In this case, our first meeting will be an evaluation and a session, usually lasting no up to 3 hours. During this time, we will define what changes you’d like to make, and which ones can be done in a single session. The CORE Remedy Technique works well, but only on one issue at a time. For example, if you wanted to remove a phobia, lose weight, and relieve insomnia, any of these would be best handled alone. If you found that you could not get to sleep easily AND you were anxious, they might be related to each other and could be cleared up together in a single session.

Clients may also choose a package of 3 sessions, each of which continues until the issue is resolved.  The fee for our first 3 sessions is $600. This includes the 1st 3 hour session, and 2 sessions for as long as needed. Any additional sessions (after the first 3) are $150.

This is NOT a medical treatment, and we are not able to accept payment from insurance companies.

What do we do?

People come to us because they want something in their life that they do not have (confidence, comfort in specific situations, peace of mind, ease of doing something, etc.), or because they have something in their life that they do not want (pain, migraines, allergies, phobias, unwanted habits, repetitive and unpleasant thoughts/moods, eating issues, etc.). Our work begins by understanding how the person acts and thinks now, which we call “the program” that they are currently running. Then, together, we decide on a new and better “program” to replace the old one. It is our job to help you change the program, and keep the change you want.

What do you mean by “programs”?

“Programs” are our way of describing what you do automatically and unconsciously. These are thoughts, behaviors, and patterns that run (literally) without thinking about them. They are in your unconscious, and your unconscious is ALWAYS running the show. Your breathing, your heart rate, your body temperature, and your thoughts are all managed by your unconscious. With great practice and attention, it is possible to gain conscious control over your unconscious. Yogi masters can control their breathing and heart rate consciously. And when they take their conscious attention away from these places, the unconscious resumes control. This is NOT how we work. Will-power, discipline, and attention are tools of the conscious mind that many people use (usually unsuccessfully) to control the unconscious. We believe we are more efficient (we don’t work as hard), and more effective (we produce consistent results) by working with your unconscious, rather than trying to control your conscious mind.

How are “programs” created, and who decides what they will be?

We all have “programs” that serve us well and work without effort. For example, if someone saw a pile of dog poop on the sidewalk in front of them, they would easily walk by it, rather than step in it. This choice or “program” did NOT require a lot of thought, will-power, or discipline. Imagine if you had a program that ran as effortlessly as that one that allowed you to make healthy food choices, caused you to want to exercise, or allowed you to relax in traffic (rather than get upset or angry). We model the new programs/choices you’d like to have after ones that you already have that work well and serve you. Because the new choices are chosen and desired by you, with our help, they are quickly and easily accepted as the new way to do things by your unconscious.

What we do NOT do.

We do not offer a medical treatment, nor conventional therapy, nor counseling. We do not talk about your childhood, or encourage or discourage use of prescribed drugs. We do not replace whatever medical care you may be getting right now.

What do we actually do? How do you and I work together?

You start off by talking to us. We ask a lot of questions, and in a lot of different ways. We need to understand what you are experiencing now, and how you’d like that to be different. We need to understand it from the way you think, and also from the way that we work with you. Our first meeting is both an evaluation and a working session that may last up to 3 hours, though usually less for single issue treatments.

We approach our work from the “positive”, helping you define exactly what you want, rather than what you’d like to NOT have. For example- you may describe yourself as NOT wanting to smoke, NOT wanting to eat, NOT wanting to experience anxiety, NOT wanting to experience pain in your head, etc. In working with you we would be helping you to achieve a more desired state of eating healthy (rather than dieting), making smart healthy choices (rather than not wanting to smoke), living a calm and peaceful life (rather than not being anxious or fearful), or feeling healthy and vibrant (rather than not having migraines).

Once we all understand and agree on the specific changes you would like, you are then taken through a series of exercises that are largely conversational. Clients describe a session as deeply relaxing and effortless, and many are amazed that any changes took place at all. Our work is done by communicating directly with your unconscious, while you are fully conscious and aware. All the work is done by us, and you (your conscious mind) get to sit back and watch while your unconscious mind is given new choices.

What types of changes/conditions/ailments have you been successful in helping?

If what you want to change is a result of thoughts, beliefs and/or behaviors, chances are we can work together to produce the specific outcomes that you desire. We work with you and with your un-conscious mind, and help you define and describe your conscious choices and understanding. We have been successful in working with people who have been “diagnosed” with many disorders including phobias, anxiety, OCD, IBS, eating disorders, substance abuse and even physical ailments( including allergies, migraines and body pains just to name a few). How long does it take to get results?

Many clients have gotten the results they wanted during their first session, and they experience the changes they wanted immediately. The best results have be obtained with 3 sessions to completely achieve the results you want, to reinforce the changes, and to make sure that the changes stick. Your experience will depend on the complexity of the changes you would like to make and how clearly and specifically we can define those changes. Bt committing to 3 sessions upfront, you can be sure that the changes you want have taken place, and that they remain with you as you in your own environment. After the first session, many clients find that they are more clear in how they describe the outcomes they want and many choose to address new issues in later sessions.

How do I know if this will be effective for me?

Please call us at 201.388.6491 so that we can get an understanding of what you’d like done, and we will be happy to share our experience and success with other clients having the same or similar issues. We may even have some clients that would be willing to speak to you directly, so that you can ask them about their success. There are no guarantees with this or any approach to healing. That being said, our experience has been that our clients have received the results they wanted where other methods have failed.

Call us at: 1-800-347-3955  or write: Larry@COREremedy.com

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